Don’t Hug Me Reviews

“We’ve done all the Don’t Hug Me musicals to sold out audiences and great reviews. If you want a sure fire box office hit, do a Don’t Hug Me musical!”

– Garden Guest Dinner Theatre

“ALL of the Don’t Hug Me musicals are a ‘no brainer’ decision for production.  They fill houses, are producer friendly and most important, they absolutely fill houses with happy patrons!”  – St. Croix Off-Broadway Dinner Theatre

“After bringing four of the “Don’t Hug Me” musicals to our stage,  it’s hard to know who has enjoyed them more, the cast or our audiences.  Our patrons keep coming back for more self-inflicted pain…”I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt!”  They love the characters, the songs, the one-liners, oh, and even those pesky mosquitos!  So glad they’re all back at The Bunyan in “Don’t Hug Me, We’re Married!” – Webster City Community Theatre

“The Don’t Hug Me musicals have provided happiness and belly laughs for hundreds of folks here with our High Point Players. The first time I saw Don’t Hug Me I knew it was going to be a perfect fit for us!”  – High Point Players Theatre

“A new musical play about small town Scandinavian personality quirks has been drawing full-house audiences and garnering rave reviews in Los Angeles.”Norway Times

“A lot of laughs!…The cast is perfect!…A great time!…Go see it!”Tom Barnard, KQRS Radio

“A hokey-jokey karaoke crowd pleaser!”Los Angeles Times

“A quirky, charming musical!”Joel Zwick, Director of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

“Terrifically silly!”LA WEEKLY <p > “Outstanding!”American Eagle News

“Immerse yourself in two hours of fun and farce!”The Tolucan

“Delightful!…Adorable!…Silly!…Funny!…A real crowd pleaser!”Valley Vantage

“Sensational!”The Blade <p >“A feel good love story!” NoHo LA

“Oh fer sittin” on the cat, it”s a dern good night out at the local bar.” – Canyon News

“A delightful musical farce! The Olson brothers have done for karaoke what Christopher Guest did for folk music in A Mighty Wind.”Sherman Oaks Sun

“This is the funniest show that I”ve seen in the longest time!” KPFK Radio

“Hilarious!”Part of the fun was seeing who laughed the loudest and at what!”Sons of Norway

“A loopy valentine to his home turf in snow-ravaged Minnesota!”Backstage West

“More than the typical hotdish musical review””Don”t Hug Me” beats lutefisk!” Minneapolis Star Tribune

“One of its songs rhymes “Minnesota” with “Abe Vigoda” and you just have to love that!” St. Paul Pioneer Press

“The performances are outstanding!…An awful lot of fun!” WMGT Radio

“The quintessential definition of fun!…It’s hard not to laugh!…If you’re Minnesotan, it’s your dad on stage!” KLBB Radio

“Don’t Hug Me” will make even the most frozen-faced Scandinavian laugh!” Rick Shefchik

“What do you mean Don’t Hug Me? I want to hug everyone involved in this delightful musical!!” Ronald Jacobs, Producer/Director/Writer – Andy Griffith Show, Dick Van Dyke Show

“I highly recommend this play to all ages and I promise that you will laugh your hearts out!” Stephen Senior, 9 year-old student at Campbell Hall